RR1 Recline and Rotate

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The RR works on a totally different principle to the other styles of 180 degree inverter, the letters in its title standing for "recline and rotate". This method of tipping the load through 90 degrees onto its back so that it is centralised over a turntable is an ideal one when handling very wide or heavy loads.

It can be built with single or dual clamping tables to any width or depth. The jaw opening is also totally variable, though normally the loads it has to handle are not that high.

Typical applications would be to invert stacks of steel through 180 degrees after stamping or surface treatment, to turn piles of laminated boards to meet customer requirements or to handle mould-manufactured concrete products.

The RR Type 1 is almost always supplied as a fully automated and guarded system custom-built to suit the individual user's needs. Premier have built machines with up to 13200 lbs capacity and could go higher than this if the need arose.

It is certainly a machine which is aimed more at load inversion than as a method of pallet exchange, but with wide or overweight loads there is no better method of handling.


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