G95° Inverter & Tipper

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The G95 or pallet retriever style of pallet transfer system was first developed in the mid 1980's for use in ambient areas of cold stores. It was designed as an alternative to the conventional FS model which could not be loaded at ground level unless it was sited off the loading dock edge.

The table of the G95 is flush to the floor and it has a single moving top clamp. The load is clamped gently and tipped on its side at an angle of up to 105°. The sidewall that the goods are now resting on is actually a sliding plate. As the top clamp is opened the plate slides downhill freeing the pallet for exchange.

After a new pallet has been introduced the clamp is closed and the weight of the load takes the sidewall back uphill. The stack can then be uprighted and removed.


The G95 is a simple and inexpensive system that is also surprisingly effective. Its one drawback is that it will only handle block-stacked product, usually boxed goods which are stable resting on their side when the clamping pressure is released. The load needs to be virtually to the perimeter of the pallet or it will be off-centred when the new pallet is put in place.


G95 Pallet Inverter Specifications
Model: G95/1950 G95/2250
Usable jaw opening Max 1.95m
Min 1.11m
Max 2.25m
Min 1.26m
Std load tables Width 1.23m
Depth 1.23m
Width 1.23m
Depth 1.23m
Loading capacity 1500 kgs 1500 kgs
Power supply 3ph/400V/15A 3ph/400V/32A
Motor Size 2.2kW 4kW
Weight 1500 kgs 1600 kgs
Weight of std guards 300 kgs 300 kgs

Smaller or larger models can be custom-built
Controls All models fitted with dual hydraulic lever controls as standard. Push button controls on a pendant or console available as an option.
Operating Space
(including guards)
A Width 3.84m
B Depth 1.89m
C Height 2.60m
A Width 4.20m
B Depth 1.89m
C Height 2.82m
Standard Shipping Width 2.30m Width 2.60m
Dimension without Depth 2.00m Depth 2.00m
Guards Height 2.07m Height 2.07m
G95 Image a G95 Image b G95 Image c

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